While working on the fonts, I decided I should add a right-to-left version of Glyphic, since hieroglyphs could be written in either direction (or top-to-bottom, for that matter). Easy enough to do — select all characters, mirror, save. The problem comes in with using it: you’d have to type backwards!

The obvious solution to that problem is the program I wrote a few days ago, Text Jiggler.

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New Software!

Well, that’s a rather dramatic announcement for a somewhat un-dramatic program. The program in question is Text Jiggler, and what it does is randomly (or regularly; there’s an option) change letters (and/or numbers; there’s an option for that too) between uppercase and lowercase.

It’s handy for those fonts which have alternate versions of characters in upper- and lowercase so you can put some variety in your text. There will be some of those coming from Wintertree later this year.

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Free font!

I’ve been working on TableMaster all day, so I took a quick break to play around with one of the old fonts for a bit. I decided to do a quickie conversion of it (given that I’m not sure if I ever even rebuilt it for Win95!) and put it up on the Wintertree Redux website free, as a little teaser for what the new font package will have some day.

The font in question is one I called InstaHex, for making your own hex paper of any size you want. It is, perhaps, not as useful as it once was — but then again, hex paper isn’t as common as it once was, either, so perhaps the ability to turn it out by the ream from your printer may be worthwhile after all.

Many B&W photocopiers won’t pick up pale blue (hence non-photo blue pencils). If you have a color printer, you could print out hex paper in a suitably pale shade of blue, draw your maps on it, and then run them through a copier to get just the map without the hex background.

It’s here, with some very basic usage instructions: InstaHex download & info page

Fonts! (plus nattering about maps and magnifying glasses)

One of the more popular Wintertree products, back in the good old days, was a package of fonts called Arcane Alphabets. It was a collection of interesting fonts for gamers — mostly interesting alphabets like Ugaritic cunieform, hieroglyphs, and FUTHARK runes, plus really odd stuff like the secret script of the Vehmgericht. People did some fun things with them; I remember one convention where the organizers used the Ogham font as an “alien” sort of font along the bottom edges of the badges, which looked really cool. (that was a college convention unfortunately scheduled the same weekend as the school’s Homecoming … mostly, we vendors sold stuff to each other) I did some other fonts, too — a pack called Mapographer that would let you draw adventure maps in your word processor (how dated is that?) and the only licensed product I ever did, the dwarf fonts from Games Workshop’s Warhammer books. That one never sold very well; I remember writing out a royalty check to send to GW and it was like $5.

So what do fonts have to do with Wintertree Redux?

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