TableMaster Gets Hexed

First, no news on the forum front. Still need to dig into that on a system level. I was going to be going after that today, but a little issue of hexes, or at least hexadecimals, came up.

Since the beginning, some TableMaster players have been Traveller referees. If you’ve played Traveller, you know that not only can your character in fact die during character creation, but if it does survive, one of the things produced is the Universal Personality Profile, a string of hex digits. And, since TableMaster is not system-specific, there was never any way to really do this with TBL.

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While working on the fonts, I decided I should add a right-to-left version of Glyphic, since hieroglyphs could be written in either direction (or top-to-bottom, for that matter). Easy enough to do — select all characters, mirror, save. The problem comes in with using it: you’d have to type backwards!

The obvious solution to that problem is the program I wrote a few days ago, Text Jiggler.

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New Update

There’s nothing major in this one, mostly tweaks to the UI. A number of things got left behind in the transition from the VCL framework to the FireMonkey framework, because FireMonkey didn’t have any real equivalent to them. This restores most of them (and adds a couple of others).

You can find the patch notes here, the demo version is here, and the new full version is on the product download page as usual.

After the break, I’ll explain a few of the important changes.

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New Software!

Well, that’s a rather dramatic announcement for a somewhat un-dramatic program. The program in question is Text Jiggler, and what it does is randomly (or regularly; there’s an option) change letters (and/or numbers; there’s an option for that too) between uppercase and lowercase.

It’s handy for those fonts which have alternate versions of characters in upper- and lowercase so you can put some variety in your text. There will be some of those coming from Wintertree later this year.

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Scarab Report

It’s been a long four days. Scarab was only an hour away, so we commuted, and that takes a lot out of you. When you’ve got a car that gets nearly 40 mpg, though, it really saves on expenses, and I’m sure Caesar, being a cat, appreciated having his humans home to amuse him on request.

Congratulations to Dennis Burgess, who won the Wintertree T-shirt drawing.

Here’s a picture of the booth. It’s not a great picture because it’s just the camera on my iPod Touch; I kept forgetting to take a better camera. Then again, back in the day I used to use a Polaroid; this is definitely an improvement.

Scarab 2017 booth
Wintertree booth at Scarab 2017

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State of the Port

I’m sure there are people interested in the Macintosh port of TableMaster aside from those in the backers’ forums, so while I’m recovering from a head cold and a major overdose of turkey (and stuffing, and glazed carrots, and scalloped potatoes, and those tasty, tasty little onions) here’s something of an update. (and a user-written table)

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I can’t work. I can barely function. Sorry about that, but I am a human being, as much as I try to present my company-self as neutral in all things and separate from anything but writing software. I am a human being, and an American, and the events of this week have affected me badly. You really do not want what I might do to the code this week. I don’t want to debug what I might do to the code this week, and it would waste all of next week, too, fixing it.

I’m not going to use this blog for a political rant — this is about TableMaster, not about what TableMaster’s author thinks about politics, or about art or music or anything else for that matter. I can keep up the public impartiality that far. But right now, I can’t write code — especially cross-platform code.

If I worked for someone else, I’d be using my personal days right now. As it is, I’m going to take this week off from Wintertree and quit trying to force myself to get any productive work done, because I’ve been trying and it’s just not happening. Everything will be back on track next week, just a bit behind schedule.

And as a person, as Jean, not Wintertree Software, I will add this:

Everyone, be kind to one another. Even people you disagree with. Especially people you disagree with. We have seen what divisiveness and hatred can do; let us not embrace it ourselves and thereby prove it is right.

Online Store Open for Business!

The Wintertree Software website now has an online store for those gamers unable to get TableMaster at their local game stores. It’s here: WINTERTREE ONLINE STORE. You can buy TableMaster, all the Table Packs, and even some Wintertree swag, like the TableMaster box art magnets and the flashlight pens.

Please note that at the moment, while digital-only versions are available everywhere, physical products are restricted to US shipping addresses (including APO and FPO) until some issues about overseas shipping get untangled.

If you’re wondering just what tables come with any given Table Pack, each one has a “Notes” button next to its description that will pop up a window with a complete list.

Because I can’t leave well enough alone….

All the Kickstarter copies of TableMaster, various Table Packs, etc., are out the door (and in the case of US shipments, in the backers’ hands). There are no conventions in the near future. I’m (finally) almost over that wretched cold. I’m getting ready to do the Mac port. But … there was a bug. Not a big bug, but a bug that bugged me. So I went to fix it …

…and added two new commands to TableMaster, and added an option to two more.

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