Pyromaniac simians and what this has to do with TableMaster for the Mac

One of the significant things for TableMaster II is the OS X version. Formerly, I believed this was going to be a very simple thing — just buy the Delphi upgrade, select the proper target platform, and compile. Well … it’s not.

The basic issue is that there are two Delphi frameworks — VCL (Visual Component Library), the original, and FireMonkey, the new one. It was not apparent to me when I started TableMaster II development that only one of those, namely FireMonkey, was cross-platform; since I’d always used VCL, I just kept right on using it.

…and came a cropper.

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Assorted News

First, re: forum registration. For some reason, some people’s activation emails are not getting to them. I have no clue why this is happening, but if it happens to you, let me know and I’ll activate you manually.

Second, all Kickstarter backers should have access to the special backers-only area of the forums. If you are and you don’t within a day after you registered, again, let me know. The TableMaster beta build is linked from the creatively-named Downloads forum in the backers’ section.

I’ll be getting at least a rough draft of the manual up ASAP, as soon as I recover the original from the old AmiPro .sam files that it’s in.¬† (which will be a pain, but not as much a pain as re-typing the whole thing)

I’ve spent the past couple of days doing the housekeeping associated with wrapping up the Kickstarter project, getting the forums up, etc. Now I have to do some literal housekeeping, because it’s getting hard to get to my desk. Then it’s back to the code mines once again, and waiting to read your bug reports.

Kickstarter funded

It’s funded. It’s closed. We made it with 10% to spare. I’m waiting on KS HQ to send me the next email. Right now, though, I’m gonna get some sleep.

Thank you, everyone. See you in the morning!


The Kickstarter funded a couple of hours ago — I was a bit distracted by the situation with the cops and all (see previous post), so this blog is actually the last place for me to post the news.

We’re funded, we’re slightly over goal, I’m getting things ready for this weekend when backers will get their hands on the first new version of TableMaster since last century (note: there’s still time to get in on it! — back it here ), I’ve added a stretch goal (more basic tables) in the event that’s necessary … and for y’all with Macs, as soon as the project officially closes, I’ll be buying that compiler upgrade so I can build for the Mac. Also gonna do a bit of celebrating, because this was a moment I never really thought would come.

Not all that long ago, TableMaster was something from my past. Less than four months later, it’s something on my computer, 42 people (to date) have gotten in on the pre-sales on Kickstarter, I’ve got the first convention vendor table lined up, and I’m back in the software business. I’m still kind of amazed about how that all has happened!

So, I’m doing the happy dance here. Adding .DEFAULT was the last bit of coding I’m going to be doing for the next couple of days — I’ll be focusing on getting everything set up and running for the Kickstarter backers. Thanks again to all of you!

New Keyword (don’t get too excited, it’s .DEFAULT); also: cops

So there’s 15 hours to go on the Kickstarter and it’s $99 from funding. I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs (except my cat, who tends to forget he even has a tail until someone steps on it). So what have I been doing? Expanding TBL, of course!

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Kickstarter closes Friday…

So, the Kickstarter is 36 hours from closing, and $621 from funding. We can actually do this, if we get just one FLGS getting the Game Store Special, or a couple of groups of friends getting the Game Club Special (or the other way around; both are open to either) or a half-dozen gamers getting physical-with-everything, or a lot of people upping their pledges, or some combination of the same. When I went to bed last night (with Pascal code floating around in my brain) I didn’t think it was possible — now I do. We can do this!

As for the development updates, well, I haven’t done much exciting since my last post here. I fixed bug #0031, added bugs #0032 and #0033 (I seem to be going kind of backward here!). Working on #0033 now. Actually #0033 is also more of a design issue than strictly a bug — I didn’t account for some of the ways .LOCKOUT could be used — but it should be fixed in short order.

News and updates

I’ve had some sleep now. Time to get back to nattering on about TableMaster, and the current status; this is, after all, supposed to be the primary news source, and I’ve been slacking.

First, the big news is that the official release date for TableMaster has been announced: It will be out on Saturday, July 23, at MegaMooseCon in Richberg, SC. Pre-ordered copies will ship out on the following Monday, July 25.

Aside from that, Free RPG Day was cool, there’s a demo version of the TableMaster UI, a new Kickstarter reward … oh, and the new Table Pack is going to be Zombies! Read on.

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So, if you have the original TableMaster…

I have spent that part of the last two days when I wasn’t doing design and layup work chasing bug #0022 on the bug tracker. First I thought it was a basic bug, but I couldn’t find it. Then I thought about it for a whlie, and realized¬† that in fact it was a design issue. Okay, how could I re-design it so that it handled everything correctly and didn’t misbehave in this case, too? I realized that, in fact, I couldn’t. There’s no way it could work correctly in all cases and produce the result it needed to here.

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