More about .SHOWFILE

Right now everything seems to be waiting for everything else. I’m waiting for the printer to finish the manuals, a couple of important emails to be replied to, and various other things that are hanging fire in as many ways, so there isn’t much that amounts to Wintertree news to talk about.

But it’s a great time to describe a few new wrinkles in the command .SHOWFILE (which was added, by the way, after those manuals were already at the printer).

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More New Commands

16 years ago, I thought TableMaster was mature. There were no new commands that needed to be added, no more features that anyone was going to need. Right. That was 16 years and 15 commands ago.

TableMaster is now officially in version 1.3 (y’all can get it on the beta site; next week I’ll put it on the main site if nothing blows up in the interim) and it’s got a couple of new ones. One is just a bit of convenience, but the other is fairly significant for how tables interact with other things.

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Quick Pics

Just a quickie post here to say that 1) we haven’t washed away yet, and 2) there are now pictures of the TableMaster product packaging on the Wintertree website.

Also, the endlessly delayed manual is now in the hands of the printer. Assuming the proof turns out okay, by this time next week the physical copies of TableMaster should be in the snail mail!