A Bit More on Fonts

Here’s an updated picture of the new PolyDice font I just did, which will be going in Arcane Alphabets:

New PolyDIce font sample

I made a lot of minor changes, and redrew the d4 and d6 outlines to get the line widths right — those were the first I did, so they didn’t quite match. I’m still not really happy with the spacing on some of them, so I’ll be tinkering with that some more. Aside from those little tweaks, though, this is basically what will be the production font. There will also be two different black versions of this (and every other PolyDice font) — one with a border and one without.

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Arcane Alphabets & Other Font Finaglings

If you’re wondering what happened to Arcane Alphabets, which I was going to put on the online store on Monday after GnomeCon … well, fonts happened.

Specifically, what happened was that I saw a sign that had a very nice black-on-white d20. I liked how that looked. I thought that should go into PolyDice. And then I thought that there should be another way of doing it, too. And I really should do that d10 font, even though it isn’t a regular Platonic solid. And I had the embarrassing realization that one thing you couldn’t do with my d20 font was … a 20! So back to the font mines.

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