Note on version numbering

Back in the day, I wasn’t all that good at setting proper version numbers. The original TableMaster was up to 3.something, when it really should have been 1.3.something. That leaves me with a problem today, though, in that there would be some confusion. “TableMaster 2? But I already have TableMaster 3, I bought it in 1998!”

So, to keep things sorted out, I’m going with Roman numerals in the name. It’s TableMaster II, and version numbering will start over and be where it should be.

Beside, I’m black-boxing a lot of it — that is, starting with the known input and expected output, and writing what goes in the middle without reference to the previous code — because, frankly, there are places in my old code I’m afraid to go. There are a lot of better ways to do things than what I did in the process of learning Turbo Pascal in 1992, which is how the first proto-TableMaster got started. (and obviously I’m not using Turbo Pascal anymore, either!) So since it’s going to be mostly new code anyway, it’s definitely a new program; just one that does what the original did, only better. And without the grues lurking in the dim recesses of the code.

So: TableMaster II.