The Gamemaster’s Hoard

Back in the dark ages, when there were actually *ominous voice* gamers who had no computers(!), Wintertree sold a product called the Gamemaster’s Hoard. It was a couple of dozen pages of TableMaster printouts — a hundred gems, I think, two miles of caverns, and so on. It was a surprisingly good seller.

I doubt if there’s much of a market for that today. Even my mother has a computer. But since people are waiting for the new TableMaster, I wanted to give them something to use in the meantime.

Hence, the Gamemaster’s Hoard blog posts. Every day I’ll post a big batch of something generated by TableMaster that you can use in a game. I’ll spread it around among different genres from the four Table Packs and any new things I’ve come up with. Remember that these are all output from TableMaster tables, so some of the combinations may not make sense. There may be evidence of bugs in there too; TMII is nowhere close to debugged yet. But at least it will give people who are waiting for TableMaster something they can use while they’re waiting, and people who haven’t backed the Kickstarter yet (go do it!) a good idea of the kind of things TableMaster can do.