Menus and popups and options, oh my!

Wow … I’d forgotten that I had so many popup menus in there. Right-click menus were kind of a new thing at the time and I kind of went nuts with them.

My design philosophy for the TableMaster GUI, which hasn’t changed, is that it should be up to the user, not to me, exactly how they want to do something. So for any given function, there would be multiple ways to do it: from the main menu, a popup menu, clicking a button, with a hotkey … pretty much any way you thought you might be able to do something, you could. This made for a very useful UI for the user, but a bit of a hairball for the programmer.

The fun (ha!) part at this point is that about a week before I decided to go ahead with the TableMaster project, I got a new computer desk. It’s really an awesome drop-front desk that I found in a cluttered antique shop and fixed up a bit, with little pigeonholes and things and even an almost-secret drawer, but putting it in place necessitated moving several shelving units, building a new bookcase, and disrupting, well, pretty much everything. So my old CD backup of the TM/Win source (which modern Delphi would probably choke on, but at least I could look at what I’d done) is down there … somewhere.

Given a few of the things I’ve found, though — for instance, I’d completely forgotten that I had a built-in table editor with some fairly interesting features, though now I remember it and remember that I wanted to take that farther than I ever did (envisioning something like the Delphi IDE for table writing, which might have been, um, overkill? just a little?) –maybe I should stop coding and start digging.

So here’s another question for the hypothetical readers I imagine I have: Did you ever actually use the TM/Win table editor? Or did you just use Notepad? Is there a reason for me to put that in the first release? In a later release? Never?