So, if you have the original TableMaster…

I have spent that part of the last two days when I wasn’t doing design and layup work chasing bug #0022 on the bug tracker. First I thought it was a basic bug, but I couldn’t find it. Then I thought about it for a whlie, and realized¬† that in fact it was a design issue. Okay, how could I re-design it so that it handled everything correctly and didn’t misbehave in this case, too? I realized that, in fact, I couldn’t. There’s no way it could work correctly in all cases and produce the result it needed to here.

Yeah: the bug was in the original TableMaster. The table worked the way I expected because of that bug. Since the new version functioned correctly there, the table didn’t behave as it did before. So, I was in something of a quandry: unless I went and put a bug into TableMaster II, that table wasn’t going to produce the output it should.

I changed the table.

So TableMaster II does not have a bug related to linefeeds and embedded subtable calls; they work exactly as they should, which is to say that linefeeds are suppressed while in the embedded subtable. (otherwise you’d have to put a + after every single entry on a table called from an embed) And the Demons table is now working correctly and creating suitably horrible creatures from the lower planes. In celebration of … well, of not-fixing the non-bug … I’ll post them here for my next “Gamemaster’s Hoard” post.