News and updates

I’ve had some sleep now. Time to get back to nattering on about TableMaster, and the current status; this is, after all, supposed to be the primary news source, and I’ve been slacking.

First, the big news is that the official release date for TableMaster has been announced: It will be out on Saturday, July 23, at MegaMooseCon in Richberg, SC. Pre-ordered copies will ship out on the following Monday, July 25.

Aside from that, Free RPG Day was cool, there’s a demo version of the TableMaster UI, a new Kickstarter reward … oh, and the new Table Pack is going to be Zombies! Read on.

We did demos in two different stores for Free RPG Day. That wouldn’t have been quite so tiring if they weren’t an hour and a half apart in different states. It was fun, though — great to be able to show off TableMaster and what it can do, talk to people about it, and generally hang out with a bunch of gamers.

Also, the yard sale netbook performed admirably, not just as a demo machine itself but in showing people just how small and cheap a computer you can actually run TableMaster on. That computer is both smaller than the Pathfinder core rulebook and cost me less. All because I decided to see what that yard sale a ways off the main road had left.

And while there, I also announced the theme of the mysterious upcoming Table Pack: ZOMBIES! If it has to do with a zombie, or with a RPG setting featuring zombies, it’ll probably be in there. (feel free to suggest any zombie-themed tables you want in the comments here, in case I’ve missed any I should have) Keep calm and aim for the head!

As I said, there’s a demo version of TableMaster on the Wintertree website. It’s just the user interface — I disabled the actual table engine, because it’s just a demo — but it’s a chance to try it out, see how well it runs on your computer, see how things work, and so on. (if you try to run a table, it gives you some information about TableMaster and some sample output from various tables)

I suggest right-clicking on everything; there are little pop-up menus everywhere. Actually, the demo isn’t actually quite the latest version, because after I posted the demo, I thought of some more ideas for the UI. I’ll probably do an updated version once I’ve tested those out thoroughly. (update: just uploaded newest version to website)

The TableMaster Windows UI has an interesting backstory to it, which relates to why there needs to be a new TableMaster in the first place. I suppose I should write a whole post about it at some point.