Light at the end of the tunnel

I’ve been partially, but not completely, black-boxing the development of the TableMaster GUI.

Here’s what it looks like right now:

Current Screenshot

Some things never change. There was one thing I’m doing that I couldn’t figure out a really elegant way to do; the only solution seemed to be brute force and awkwardness. So I broke down and looked at my old code to see how I’d done it back then. Yeah. Same way.

It’s looking like the beginning of next week to start on the table engine itself. That’s a whole lot more complicated, of course, but also more straightforward.

When I was buying the compiler the sales rep was going on about the wonderful features of the higher-end versions of Delphi … I finally pointed out that what I’m doing is something I originally wrote in Turbo Pascal. Doing it over now I know how to do it right (or at least less wrong) is going to be fun.

All of the basic functions are in now. You can assign tables to buttons, roll dice, set run counts, etc. There are a few more bits and pieces, like the preferences box, to go, but the works are there.

A few of the more elaborate parts, like the table editor, will be added after coding of the table engine itself is complete. My first goal is a running program, even without some of the bells and whistles (remember that button?); I can get fancy later.

So for the first time ever, there’s a running, operational TableMaster GUI for Windows that runs on 64-bit Windows. Next up, a Generate table engine that runs on something newer than Win98. Sorry to keep y’all waiting 15 years for that!