The Kickstarter funded a couple of hours ago — I was a bit distracted by the situation with the cops and all (see previous post), so this blog is actually the last place for me to post the news.

We’re funded, we’re slightly over goal, I’m getting things ready for this weekend when backers will get their hands on the first new version of TableMaster since last century (note: there’s still time to get in on it! — back it here ), I’ve added a stretch goal (more basic tables) in the event that’s necessary … and for y’all with Macs, as soon as the project officially closes, I’ll be buying that compiler upgrade so I can build for the Mac. Also gonna do a bit of celebrating, because this was a moment I never really thought would come.

Not all that long ago, TableMaster was something from my past. Less than four months later, it’s something on my computer, 42 people (to date) have gotten in on the pre-sales on Kickstarter, I’ve got the first convention vendor table lined up, and I’m back in the software business. I’m still kind of amazed about how that all has happened!

So, I’m doing the happy dance here. Adding .DEFAULT was the last bit of coding I’m going to be doing for the next couple of days — I’ll be focusing on getting everything set up and running for the Kickstarter backers. Thanks again to all of you!


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