Assorted News

First, re: forum registration. For some reason, some people’s activation emails are not getting to them. I have no clue why this is happening, but if it happens to you, let me know and I’ll activate you manually.

Second, all Kickstarter backers should have access to the special backers-only area of the forums. If you are and you don’t within a day after you registered, again, let me know. The TableMaster beta build is linked from the creatively-named Downloads forum in the backers’ section.

I’ll be getting at least a rough draft of the manual up ASAP, as soon as I recover the original from the old AmiPro .sam files that it’s in.  (which will be a pain, but not as much a pain as re-typing the whole thing)

I’ve spent the past couple of days doing the housekeeping associated with wrapping up the Kickstarter project, getting the forums up, etc. Now I have to do some literal housekeeping, because it’s getting hard to get to my desk. Then it’s back to the code mines once again, and waiting to read your bug reports.