Compilers & Termites

Well … it’s only 10:16 am and it’s already an interesting start to my Monday.

My day has already involved ferocious insects and software upgrades, and there’s actually no connection between them. I’ll go into that after the break, as well as some things regarding beta access for Kickstarter backers.

Most notably from my perspective, I’m waiting for the termite terminator to come do an initial inspection. It turns out that bugs in TableMaster aren’t the biggest bug issue — bugs in my office floor are. Specifically, bugs eating my office floor. And we rent, so getting this sorted out involves multiple people. On the plus side, the exterminators are sending a technician out to assess the infestation today. On the minus side, instead of being able to dive into work debugging my code, I’m waiting for someone to start debugging my office floor. When I was writing the information page for the Kickstarter, in the “risks & challenges” section I never thought to consider “insects devouring the Wintertree Software development office” as a possible problem. I mean, seriously, who thinks of that outside of B movies?

Bugs aside, the Delphi Professional compiler upgrade has now been bought and paid for (thanks, Kickstarter backers!), and I’m just waiting for Embarcadero’s licensing department to whirl things around for a while and send me the serial number for it. What this means to you? Macintosh. If it’s really as simple as they promise, Macintosh on the same schedule as Windows. Let’s hope… Further in the future, this is what I’ll be using to build tablet and smartphone versions.

Important for Kickstarter backers: There are two issues with forum signups.

One, the forum account activation email seems to vanish for some people. I’m suspecting something, somewhere, is flagging it as spam, but whatever the problem is, they’re not getting through. If this happens to you, contact me and I’ll do your activation manually.

Two, the “Backers” group is a closed group, so I need to add you to it individually. I’m trying to keep on top of it by checking signups every hour or so, and taking care of any new ones immediately, but this is going to slip because of the termite situation (plus I do need to sleep sometimes). Feel free to email me about this if I haven’t added you to that group within a couple of hours after you sign up. Once your forum group membership has been set properly, you’ll have access to the downloads, discussion, and so on.

All that aside, everything is looking really good for the launch. If you are a game store owner/buyer, please feel free to get in touch regarding wholesale purchases — I’m eager to work with brick-and-mortar retailers.

Now I’m just waiting to see what shows up first — the compiler or the (termite) debugger….