Tweak to the TableMaster demo

I’ve been assiduously working away on the Macintosh port, despite distractions like providing a home for uncounted billions of common cold viruses. One of those distractions involved the Power Failure Emergency Kit, and specifically writing some tables to go with it. (just putting some dice in a bag doesn’t amount to much of a distraction!) Since as many of them as possible had to work with the free TableMaster demo, I got thinking more about the demo than I did when I put it together.

The demo is, in simplest terms, a very limited TableMaster. It’s built from the same code, but eliminates most of the possible commands and sets a limit on the length of tables it can use. This allows things like the tables that come with the Power Failure Emergency Kit, or the room tables for the map that’s going to be on the back of my new business cards, to work, and give people an idea of what kinds of things TableMaster can do.

In a lot of ways, the demo is much like the original TableMaster! It doesn’t have most of the fancy commands; it can just roll on tables, roll on other tables, print things out, etc. Within those limitations, it’s still surprisingly powerful.

What I just changed is the table length limit. Originally, the line limit included anything that wasn’t a comment or blank line. This was kind of annoying because it really put a crimp in a table with subtables, since every “.TABLE” and “.ROLL” counted toward the limit. I just tweaked the code a bit to change that to print lines. The limit is 18 print lines, so you can have a 3d6 table, or a d20 table if you have a range or two, or three separate d6 tables … you get the idea. Only the actual print commands count.

It’s not a big change. I’m up to my eyeballs in the Mac port, so big changes are not going to happen until that’s out. But it should make the demo a bit more useful if you want to pass it along to your friends.