Scarab Report

It’s been a long four days. Scarab was only an hour away, so we commuted, and that takes a lot out of you. When you’ve got a car that gets nearly 40 mpg, though, it really saves on expenses, and I’m sure Caesar, being a cat, appreciated having his humans home to amuse him on request.

Congratulations to Dennis Burgess, who won the Wintertree T-shirt drawing.

Here’s a picture of the booth. It’s not a great picture because it’s just the camera on my iPod Touch; I kept forgetting to take a better camera. Then again, back in the day I used to use a Polaroid; this is definitely an improvement.

Scarab 2017 booth
Wintertree booth at Scarab 2017

Despite the commute and all (including the usual starting sleep deficiency) it was a great convention. It’s always fun meeting people enthusiastic about TableMaster — or getting new people enthusiastic about TableMaster — and this was no exception. One of them was one of the original users from 17 years ago.

The little super-light computer I call the “yard sale netbook” was sold, fully loaded with TableMaster Deluxe of course, as a ready-to-go system to take to a game.

I finally got the tables for the new Wintertree business cards written. Yes, of course I have business cards with tables! They have maps on the back, like this:

business card map

On Sunday, it wasn’t all that busy at the booth, so in between talking to customers I wrote tables. Specifically, I wrote the tables to detail the rooms in that dungeon. Wintertree Notes blog readers can get them here. They’re fairly light tables, because they had to be short enough to run with the demo version of TableMaster, but really, anyone using them is probably going to expand them and customize them for their own game anyway. It was great being able to show prospective customers how easy a table was to create by typing one up as they watched.

One last thing: the Medallion convention center in Columbia had good food. We were buying from their food setup instead of going off to find the nearest Wendy’s or something — the first time because we were too beat to go hunting food, and after that because it was actually delicious. I don’t mean as in “thank heavens this didn’t poison me this time” — I think everyone who eats at cons has gotten food poisoning from the food at least once — I mean as in “I want more of this!”

So … now the latest convention chaos is over, it’s time to get back to work on the Mac port.