TGR: Spells & Magical Effects

The listing of spells for TGR is much vaguer than the stats, monsters, and so on. There is a table that generates spellbooks, true, but it’s rather an old one, and all of the spells listed in it are just names I made up on the spot, expecting the user to fill in the appropriate spells for their game system and their campaign.

A lot of TableMaster tables need some kind of spells. A trap might fire off something, a magical item could cast something else, and so on. This listing is, therefore, rather heavily skewed toward spells for those uses.

The magnitude of these effects is left almost entirely to the GM. How many points of damage does a lightning bolt do? How many does a heal heal? None of those are, or can be, specified. Again, they’re something the GM must define for their own campaign. Saying a spell heals 5-10 points would be downright silly in a game where damage is thrown around scores of points at a time, whereas one that heals 100 points would be equally problematic in a game where nobody has more than 20 health points to begin with.

Also, this listing is very much subject to change. Now I have a “game system” of sorts, even if TGR isn’t really a playable game in any way, shape, or form, it makes it easier to define spells that interact with the existing stats, and even the monsters. This will be updated when and as I think of new ones I need to use for the tables.

Some of these spells would need an item of some sort, such as Scry needing a crystal ball, bowl of water, or whatever else that particular mage and/or spell uses.

Magical Spells

Blindness – prevents seeing in any spectrum
Confuse – causes bewilderment
Crumble Rock – removes walls, etc.
Cure Disease – removes “diseased” status
Deafness – prevents all hearing (incl. vibrations)
Detect (something) – if thing is in range
Earthquake – causes an earthquake
Enhance (stat) – increases that stat in target
Enlarge – makes target bigger
Fear – causes terror in target
Find (something) – direction of nearest such thing
Flame Blast – hurls jet of flame
Fly – allows target to fly
Foresee – predicts the future
Frozen Message – replays the message when touched
Harm – causes damage
Heal – cures damage
Hide – makes enemies not notice target
Illusion – creates realistic illusion
Invisibility – target becomes invisible to sight
– allows target to make a very long jump
Light – creates light in varying amounts
Lightning Bolt – single, forked, etc.
Lock – magically locks a door
Magic Arrow – actually a small bolt of force
Read Mind – read the target’s thoughts
Read Secret – cryptic languages, maps, etc.
Remove Poison – removes “poisoned” status
Root – prevents target from moving
Rune – any of many types of runes, usually as trap
Scry – farsee in some form, such as crystal ball
See Aura – identify health, evil, etc.
Shapechange – target changed into new form
Shield – acts as a magical shield
Shrink – makes target smaller
Silence – prevents target from making a sound
Sleep – causes target to go to sleep
Smoke Cloud – instant smoke screen
Stun – freezes target, causing them to miss actions
Summon Monster – specified or random
Tanglepath – causes confusion in trail
Teleport – moves caster or target some distance
Translate – allows understanding and speaking
Unlock – removes magical or mundane lock
Vision – causes target to see an image or brief video
Wall Of Fire – flaming wall
Wall Of Stone – solid wall (other types, too)
Weaken (stat) – reduces that stat in target
Wind Gust – blast of wind pushes target