New Software!

Well, that’s a rather dramatic announcement for a somewhat un-dramatic program. The program in question is Text Jiggler, and what it does is randomly (or regularly; there’s an option) change letters (and/or numbers; there’s an option for that too) between uppercase and lowercase.

It’s handy for those fonts which have alternate versions of characters in upper- and lowercase so you can put some variety in your text. There will be some of those coming from Wintertree later this year.

I’ve been getting a bit burned out on programming as I’ve been working on a few bug fixes in TableMaster and more steps toward the Mac version. So, I decided to take a break for a couple of days. A Wintertree-type break, anyway: changing from working on TableMaster to working on Arcane Alphabets.

The new version of Arcane Alphabets (tentatively titled Arcane Alphabets & Gamer Glyphs to distinguish it from the old one) will have some new fonts. The one that I was working on yesterday is, at least temporarily, called PolyDice20, and it has, naturally, letters and numbers on the faces of 20-sided dice.

Having all your dice neatly lined up looks good for some things, but what about if you want to mix them up a bit, maybe have some at slightly different angles? The natural thing to do there was to put the slanted dice in one case and the straight ones in another. That, however, would require the user tO TypE lIKe ThiS to get a nice mix. I’m a programmer — obviously there should be a program for this.

Enter Text Jiggler. Yeah, I know: I took a day off from programming … and wrote a program. *sigh* Text Jiggler is a simple little program that does the case-shuffling for you. Or at least that’s how it started out; by the time I was done, it had grown multiple sets of options, because there’s always, as Lt. Columbo would say, just one more thing.

This is what Text Jiggler looks like:

Text Jiggler screen

As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward. Type or paste your text in the big box, select any options you want to be non-default, click the “Jiggle” button, and it gets all properly upper/lowercase scrambled.

For most fonts, you’ll just want to change alphabetic characters. For some of what’s coming up from Wintertree, numeric may also be involved (punctuation characters starting with ! are used as the “upper case” for numeric characters). You can do them randomly, with a slider to determine the probability of upper and lower, or alternating, with the choice of which to start with. There are more details in the included readme.txt file.

You can pick up Text Jiggler from the download page on the Wintertree website. It’s free, and freely redistributable as well.