Wintertree Folds Things

Folds what kinds of things? Well, I have discovered cardstock modeling.

This actually came about for mundane business reasons. Or as mundane as any business reasons can be in a business where a bag of plastic eyeballs is a legitimate business expense. GnomeCon is in a couple of weeks, and I always try to have something interesting and different at the booth. I had the idea of some kind of 3D display showing some of the places in a typical setting that TableMaster could be used to describe. After dorking around with ideas for a while and making no headway, I picked up some of the E-Z Dungeons PDFs from Fat Dragon Games on DriveThruRPG. I printed … cut … folded … and now I’m addicted.

So what can you do with TableMaster and a bunch of little cardboard foldy things?

Right now, sitting on my desk, there is a tiny altar (with bloodstains), a bookcase, and a fountain. There is a TableMaster table, mostly in Fantasy Table Pack 2, for each of them.

The Books in Fantasy Table Pack 2 table will generate all the books you need to stock that bookcase. Amid all the dozens of mundane books, a spellbook created by the Spellbooks table in the basic tables would be hard to spot.

There is also an Altars table in Fantasy Table Pack 2. Just roll up a dozen or so altars in a moment, ignore the descriptions since you already know what it looks like, and apply whichever set of effects you like.

There’s a Fountains table, too. After all, that fountain can contain a lot more than plain water. Writing that table took me back to the days of text adventure games.

In a bag, I have an assortment of pit traps for the floor. (those were easy to cut out!) Naturally, there’s a table for those, too.

I’ll admit, I’ve been intimidated up until now by the whole idea of card modeling. That, from a miniatures painter who scratchbuilds terrain. It’s just that with a mini, or a plastic model kit, you have a thing. You might need to connect various pieces to make it a more elaborate thing, but that thing is there. With a card model, you have a flat piece of paper, only different in image from what it looked like a few seconds ago when you put it in the printer. And that is supposed to turn into a castle? So I never got started, beyond assembling the little cardboard buildings that came with various miniatures games over the decades.

Well, I’m not quite up to castles yet. 🙂 But I’m certainly going to have a nice display at GnomeCon, showing ways to use TableMaster in a typical dungeon room.