.ATTACHment Syndrome

I still don’t have the forums fixed. Real Life, so-called, has intruded rather badly. (as my silence on Twitter might make obvious) I have, however, been tinkering with TableMaster some more.

So there’s another new command: .ATTACH

.ATTACH is rather like .JOIN done backwards. The value to be attached comes first, followed by the user variable to stick it to:

.ATTACH {SomeValue} TO {MyVariable}

At the moment, the first argument can only be another variable. That will change eventually, but as I don’t already have a routine to extract words from a line from last to first, only first to last, I’ll have to write one, and that will take a bit more time than I have free at the moment.

.ATTACH and .HEXIFY aren’t major additions to TableMaster. Text lookup lists will be, if/when I figure out exactly what one should look like and how it should work. The fantasy tarot table (FTP1) got me thinking about it, because that could be simplified so much with text lookup lists. I’m still not sure if there’s actually enough need to be worth adding something that complex, in an internal sense, to TableMaster, so I’m letting it sort of ferment in my brain until something gels, to mix a metaphor in a rather disturbing way.

I should have the new release, with .HEXIFY and .ATTACH, up on the download site in a few days; it’s still in the QA phase, aka where I try to break my own software, and all too often succeed.