And it’s a manual!

MegaMooseCon is approaching very much like an oncoming express train. Running around buying pickup trucks, even one just the one pickup truck, hasn’t helped. :p But one critical thing is now done and ready for the proofreader: the new version of the dead-trees manual.

I added four more pages (one physical sheet; they’re folded in half) which is, I think, pretty much the limit of what I can do and still get the box closed. Thankfully, I’m not planning any major changes to TableMaster going forward (hm, when did you hear that last?) so hopefully anything that needs to be added to the manual can be accounted for by tinkering with spacing a bit. Or I’ll have to go with my idea about the magnifying glasses.

Now to work on the tutorial. There’s a lot of new stuff to go in there. Thankfully, since that’s a PDF, it’s as long as it needs to be. This is a good thing, because if it was still on dead trees there would be no way of getting it in that box.

Looking at my change notes, I’ve added 15 new commands, added a new option to .DEFAULT, added a new They-Variable, plus a whole plethora of command synonyms.

TBL By The Numbers:

Commands: 83*
Synonyms: 66
System Variables: 14 (of which 6 are They-Variables)
Ouput Formatting Codes: 34 (or 65; depends on how you count)
Variable Types: 3

No wonder I’m having a hard time getting it all to fit on the quickref card!

*(one of them undocumented; it implements xkcd#1676)

A Teaser:

In odd moments in between working on other aspects of the documentation, I’ve been working on the Advanced Table Writing Guide. It’s nowhere near done, but when it is, it’s going to be a perfect-bound book, about 6″ x 9″ (think Savage Worlds size), full of table-writing information. There will be a printed version of the tutorial, for example. Chapters on various techniques for writing better tables. Even a big section of lists excerpted from my personal table-writing thesaurus.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this one; it’s going to be a long time coming. There are a lot of other, more important things — the Mac port, for instance — that are way ahead of it. Just when I’m working on documentation anyway, sometimes I’ll take a break and work on a chapter of the Advanced Table Writing Guide.