Of Mooses and Manuals

I just got back from the printer wit the box of new manuals. They’re beautiful. And the DVD case TableMaster is packaged in will (just barely) still close. Though I do hope nobody thinks of anything else that needs to be added to TableMaster, because I’ll need to cut the font size or something to get it in there; they’re definitely at the maximum possible page count now.

MegaMooseCon is coming up this weekend. If you’re anywhere within driving distance, go there! It’s worth it just for the food truck on Saturday. Oh, yeah, and there’s a whole gaming convention, too, of course. And Wintertree Software, with a few fun things.

There will be the new version of TableMaster, of course. (for those who’ve already bought it, the new version will be on the download page)

The Arcane Alphabets font package is finally complete (having been somewhat expanded since the pre-release), and it makes the old one from 20 years ago look distinctly second-rate. It includes a completely redrawn hieroglyphic font, several brand-new ancient alphabets, and additional versions of some of the existing ones. If I hadn’t made it, I’d be lining up to buy it!

Okay, I admit, I’m a font geek. I have more fonts than any sane person should. If the one who dies with the most fonts wins, I’m definitely in the running. This probably explains why there’s another whole new font package: Cryptic Ciphers. Actually, it’s technically Cryptic Ciphers and Special Symbols, because it isn’t just ciphers; it’s things like Morse codes (there are three different ones), semaphore, and other interesting things, too.  That’s where the Dancing Men cipher is, and the one that lost Mary Queen of Scots her head when it was broken, and one or two of my own invention.

And that leads to another bit of MegaMooseCon fun: I haven’t settled on all the details yet, but there’s going to be a contest. It’s going to be a treasure hunt, with a new clue (encrypted, naturally) posted at the Wintertree booth every few hours. There will be prizes for the first people to solve each of them, and the grand prize will be something like one of the light-up Wintertree hats. I’ll probably be devising half of the details on the drive up to Richburg, so I couldn’t give you any spoilers if I wanted to.

Yes, we’re planning to have the hats with the headlights — like my hat with all the buttons on it that people keep wanting whenever I wear it during setup, but blue with white trees on them, of course.

Want more power? Since the Wintertree booth naturally gets electricity, to power the demo computers, in the past people have needed to charge their phones and asked me. This hasn’t really been that comfortable a situation for me — I get edgy when I’ve got someone’s phone under the table and I’m now responsible for a phone that cost more than my car. (okay, I drive a cheap car, but still…) So now there are official Wintertree power packs! They’re 2000 mAh power banks, fully charged (yes, there I installed little holes in the bottom of their display bags so I can top them off before conventions!), come complete with a micro-USB cable to charge them (or many phones), and you can always recharge them at the Wintertree booth; I’m not nearly as nervous about keeping an eye on a $10 power bank as I am on a $800 iPhone.

Aside from TableMaster, all the Table Packs, two font packages (three if everything works out, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope for having time to finish up PolyDice), and those power banks, we’ll have the Power Failure Emergency Kits (logo dice and printed tables), the d20 necklaces and keychains, TableMaster box art magnets, Wintertree T-shirts, and the hats with the headlights.

Regarding the hats, I don’t anticipate running out of those soon, because I’ve got rather a lot, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. The hat manufacturer was closing out royal blue, and I bought most of what they had left, which is why one corner of my dining room is full of boxes of blank hats. So if you want one, don’t put it off.

Well, back to work. Three days from now I should be pulling into Richburg, happily anticipating a late lunch at the China Wok (which is another good reason to go to MegaMooseCon — it’s in the strip mall behind the gas station by the road to the convention center), so this is definitely crunch time, and has been for a couple of weeks. I only really surfaced so I could go pick up the manuals.

I hope I see y’all at MegaMooseCon! (yes, there will be cookies)