The latest version, TableMaster 1.4.3, is now available to registered owners on the download page.

The first thing you’ll notice on the main screen is, if you have it maximized, down in the lower right there is a place for the logos for your most recent six Table Packs. Initially, of course, this won’t be populated — you’ll need to switch to the packs so they can be added to the list. Once you do, their logos will appear, greyed out, and will switch to full-color when you mouse over them; click on one and you go directly to that folder. (note: if you have one or more folders for your own tables and want something for them, put a file named packlogo.bmp in the folder with the tables, containing a  138 x 95 image)

In other UI matters, most things that should have options like “Print” or “Select All” have them now, on right-click menus. Font size changing is a thing now (FireMonkey makes this entirely too complicated). There are more options in the “Preferences” dialog. The run count has a right-click menu now, too, with common run counts to save a bit on typing. There are a few more bells and whistles, and perhaps the most significant thing is that the table output is now considerably faster.

The real meat, of course, is in TBL itself. There are some new commands. Okay, a lot of new commands. And the user interaction, handy for menus and the like, is back at long last!

.ATTACH – works like .JOIN but adds it to the end
.HEXIFY – converts a number into its hexadecimal equivalent
.CONVERT – converts the value of a text variable into a number
.END – stops table reading immediately (handy if you have non-table material in your file)
.EITHER – randomly prints one of the two following words
.DEFAULT HOTZONE – sets the hotzone % for open-ended rolls
.DEFAULT EOLSPACE – sets whether a space should be added to output lines
.ASK – gets user input to a variable
.SCREEN – like .PRINTOUT but to the user interaction screen
.CLEARSCREEN – clears said screen

There is also a new They-variable, {$child}, which takes the values of child/boy/girl.

The  language reference manual has been updated to include the new commands and options, as has the quickref card. The latter has also been reformatted slightly. Print it on both sides of a sheet of cardstock, cut up the middle, and you’ll have two handy reference cards.

There are also a number of bug fixes, both the ones in the change notes and the ones that were too trivial to really note. I’m sure there are some unsquished bugs; let me know what they are if you catch one and I’ll squish it for the next update.

The raw change notes follow the break.

Here are the actual change notes. This is the raw changenote list, so it’s not in any useful order and a few of the entries might be a little cryptic. Okay, a lot cryptic.

added Print to Output, View, Notes
added Copy to Output, View, Notes
added Select All to Output, View, Notes
added Cancel to Preferences dialog
added Bells & Whistles to Preferences dialog
added Auto View & Notes
added popup menu to run count
tidied the interface up in general (greying, etc.)
put borders on the dice/runcount buttons (with Preferences option to turn this off)
made the speedbuttons slightly more distinctive
painted output code red so it goes faster
added CR/Esc reading to Prefs dialog
added font size changing in file picker
added .ATTACH
added .HEXIFY
added .SCREEN
added .ASK
added .CONVERT ((text to numeric))
added {$child}
added .END
fixed bug with .yes/.no/.yesno setting incorrect values of {$Plural}
fixed bug causing spurious rerolls
added previous pack logo list to bottom of screen
added .EITHER