Sex added to TableMaster!

I couldn’t resist that headline. And after all, they say sex sells.

But really, what I added was a new command .SEX which sets the value of the {$Sex} system variable according to the arguments presented. The options are:

N – neuter
M – male
F – female
P – plural

.SEX MF randomly sets either male or female (he or she)
.SEX NP randomly sets either neuter or plural (it or they)
etc. The four can be used in any combination, so long as at least one is present. (and you can type out the words if you want, with the exception that since “female” includes “male”, you can’t use it unless you either want “male” as an option too, or you spell it fexale or something)

I’ve been adding commands today. I also added .UP and .DOWN, basically Inc and Dec from Pascal, and .PRINTCODE to print out any ASCII value from 0 to 255.  (handy for printing high ASCII to get, say, £ or whatever you need).

Yesterday, I was tinkering with the output formatting codes. I added another numeric one, \$, which works like \# and \@ except it outputs “once”, “twice”, “thrice”, “four times”, etc. Then Joel suggested “why not have it do a dozen too?” Well, that was problematic; I don’t have a lot of unused characters left, and I’d need three — one as a modified version of each of the numeric codes. Then I had an idea: it’s a modifier … so put a modifier in the code. You can now do \@!, \#!, and \$! to get a dozen, score, hundred, gross, and a few other terms. I’ll probably add a few more before it’s released.

I’ve wanted a way to capitalize every letter in the results of an embedded subtable call rather than just the first one with \C. When I can figure out how to do it without having it go and capitalize the whole output or something, \C! will eventually do that.

Still two bugs to go before 1.4.4 is available. Well, one is less of a bug than an oversight — .RESET doesn’t check to see if a table exists before it tries to reset it, so it will cheerfully reset absolutely nothing if you’ve got a typo in that. I had a typo in there. :p And the one with the files being stuck open is still there because it’s in hiding; I can’t fix what I can’t make happen! So until I can reliably surface that bug, it’ll be there. (if it happens to you, the only thing you can do is restart TableMaster)

So 1.4.4 will have six new commands (seven if I find the time to squeeze one last one in), a new output formatting code, and a modifier to several output formatting codes.

Y’know, back about 1998, someone was pushing me to add something or other to TableMaster — I forget what it was, I just remember it was a really bad idea. I said that TBL was complete, and there was no need for any more commands.

…maybe now?

And in personal matters, the cats have discovered that if one cat can take up most of a bed so a human can’t get comfortable in there, two can totally block that bed and make the human have to either sleep sitting up, or commit the terrible offense of moving a cat!