Historical Natterings

I’m looking at the source code for the original GENERATE. The file of subroutines was, according to my comments, originally written for Turbo Pascal 6.0. Talk about a blast from the past! (for those of y’all who are staring blankly at your screens right now, I’m talking about this) I looked it up, and got a real burst of nostalgia from the picture of the box. I think it’s the kind of nostalgia we have for all the things we did the hard way decades ago, though — nice to reminisce about, but not fun to do that way ever again.

I upgraded to Borland Pascal 7.0 before the first release version. I just looked that one up, too. I remember that box very well. That big, cubic, shelf-eating box, stuffed to the top with manuals. According to the site I just looked it up on, there were 11 of them. Sounds right. I probably still have them in a box somewhere; I firmly believe that everything is in a box somewhere, probably in my attic. The scary thing, if you’re trying to find anything in my attic, is that I’m most likely right.

Aaah, nostalgia. Memory allocation on the heap. The whole table structure hanging from one variable, just waiting to become the memory leak from hell. Yeah, I don’t miss it one bit.

My old code has one very important thing, though: the listing of all the TBL keywords and their synonyms. That’s going to save me some typing.  And, in between the moments where I wonder “what was I thinking?” (or even worse, just “was I thinking?”) as I look at my old code, I find a few clever bits. Ima steal those from myself. 🙂

Also, looking at that old code reminded me of how much tidier it was back in the day when one’s compiler didn’t go sticking the event handler for a UI button click or something right in the middle of the lot. Also how much easier it was to find what I was working on. There are now include files. 🙂

Also, I’ve figured out what the first new table pack is going to be. I’d better get TableMaster running so I can start writing tables! 🙂