Further tinkering with 1.4.5 and Wintertree’s birthday

I fixed a couple more bugs that snuck in to bite me. (yes, I know “snuck” isn’t supposed to be a word; I like it, and my spell checker can bite me, too) I’m not sure how long the one with .SPACE has been around … I’m guessing a bit under 2 years, because that’s an old part of the code. And in all that time, nobody reported a major bug in it. I have to figure that’s not one of the more commonly-used commands in TBL. Like, apparently, at all.

On a related note, Saturday is officially the 2nd birthday of Wintertree Mk.2 — I count from the day I registered wintertreeredux.com. Two years of this … it didn’t seem this hectic the first time around! Of course, at that point I was selling TableMaster, a couple of Table Packs, and I think the earliest version of Arcane Alphabets. As of today, I’ve got 49 line items over on DriveThruRPG — two were special holiday bundles, but the other 47 are actual things I’m selling. Fonts. Software. 1001 Things. Eeep. No wonder it seems hectic! Two years of turning the grind crank. Y’know, I love it!

I particularly love when I talk to someone — in person or online — and they tell me they’re an old TableMaster user from the old days. Though I think the part I love the most is when someone tells me what they’re doing with TableMaster, and they’re doing something cool that I never thought of doing myself. (I’m just not that imaginative a person) Or when people show me tables they’ve written, and they’re making TBL do things I didn’t realize it could do, and I’m the one who wrote it!

On to the latest crop of technical issues:

UPDATE: This is fixed. At least I think it is — it’s now 1 am and I think I’ve started to see triple. I’ll bang on it some more when I have a few more brain cells firing, and if it’s as fixed as I think it is, I’ll put it up on the download page.

I’ve discovered that the new .CAPTURE command is buggy when it’s capturing output from a subtable that calls multiple subtables in turn. That is, this:

.CAPTURE table2 AS {SomeVar}
.PRINT [Table3] [Table4]

…will give some very strange output, with spaces moved to the previous line and other weirdness. I have something of an idea of why it’s doing that — at least, I know where in the code to look for where it’s happening.

Also, I’ve finally had it up to here ^ with .ATTACH and .JOIN — even I can’t remember which one is which. It’s embarrassing to have to sit here with a TBL reference manual bookmarked to those two pages. If it’s driving me crazy — and I’m the one who decided they should be called that — heaven only knows what it’s doing for/to everyone else.

So, .ATTACH and .JOIN have been officially deprecated, and relegated to the status of synonyms. They’ll still work, but they’ve been replaced with what were previously their new synonyms: .PREFIX and .SUFFIX. They make for a lot simpler syntax, and I can remember the things. It also makes it much clearer that it’s the first variable that’s changing, not the second (assuming you’re using a second variable and not, say, text). So the syntax will look like this:

.PREFIX {King} WITH His Royal Highness
.SUFFIX {King} WITH the Great

So, if {King} has the value Fred (with a space at each end), those two commands would first make it into His Royal Highness Fred and His Royal Highness Fred the Great.

Also, I dropped .APPEND and .PREPEND, which were going to be in the 1.4.5 release. They were confusing.

Y’know, .SPACE really needs an option to put spaces on both ends of a variable. Take {King} up there: it would be handy to be able to affix a space on both ends of “Fred” before we start attaching things to it. Time to dive back into the code….