Weird Spammers

As y’all know, there is a constant problem with blog spam. I catch and kill spam accounts on a daily basis. When I was squashing one this morning, I couldn’t help chuckling about the domain name — it was cheapgreenteabags (with various other stuff and a TLD, but I’m not about to give them any marketing boost; though I suppose now people looking for teabags may wind up here)

More nattering about blog spammers after the break.

I get some interesting ones. 99% of them are either random domain names, freemail-looking names, or of course the endless number of domain names related to dubious pharmaceuticals, search engine optimization, and, um, “male enhancement.” But, checking my ban list — I have a one-strike policy on spammers so it’s a long list — I find, among the less entertaining ones:

(that one’s apparently an actual company that thinks spamming random blogs is a legitimate way to do business)

…and, so help me, dogclothing! Why dogs kill their owners?

I’m certain that some of them, at least, are ones where the domain name registration lapsed and it was snatched up by a spammer, given that known spamming domains get blackholed pretty quickly now; seizing a real lapsed one gives them, at least temporarily, its legitimacy.

But I really have to wonder about the dog clothing.

(full disclosure: I have no dogs, two cats, and when I tried to put a Halloween costume on a cat one year, the results were not good for either of us)