Minor TableMaster update

Nothing exciting to talk about, except that the next version to go up on the download page will have another new output formatting code: \%, for Roman numerals.

So if you want to properly name King Fred, fourth of that name, you can automagically do King Fred IV now.

Plus I’m considering something, both with commands and manuals:

In the next version, I’m also considering an .IFBETWEEN command of some sort, true if a User Variable is between the two specified ranges. And probably .IFNOTBETWEEN too. On one hand, it’s very programmer-ish, taking away from the concept of TableMaster as a way to automate random generation tables; on the other hand, I find myself kludging around the lack of it quite frequently. Of course, my tables are often pretty programmer-ish, and also of course nobody has to use it if they don’t want to, but I’m still not sure.

Now I’m thinking that maybe I need two versions of the TBL language reference: a “lite” version for people who just want to automate that encounter table they built that runs into five pages, with only the commands that are needed for converting basic human-powered tables, and the full version, what the manual is right now.

Except that would really need to be on dead trees, and there’s no room left in the DVD case….