Legends & Loot

People are no doubt wondering why Wintertree has gone dark for the past month. No, I haven’t been eaten by a grue, nor run over by a bus for that matter. I had an opportunity to purchase an indie game system at a reasonable price, and I’ve been working on it to prepare for a Kickstarter.

For those who remember, 20-ish years ago Wintertree produced a little pocket-sized RPG called Legends & Loot, centered around a plastic dice-shaking device. I’d like to post a picture of it, but I don’t have one anymore. Not a lot of people do, actually. It was never a very big deal as a game, but it had its points, and I’ve always been rather fond of a number of features of its admittedly very limited (fit on half a sheet of paper) rule system.

So, this summer, there will be once again a game called Legends & Loot. It’s a lot more elaborate than that little pocket-sized gamelet, but those things I’ve wanted to do for decades — including the ones that were in the original Legends & Loot — are in there.

Most of the writing is done; it’s about ready for early playtests. I’ve been sourcing cardboard boxes, finding a makerspace to laser engrave custom dice in, and all the other things that go along with producing (entirely to my own surprise) an actual physical game.

And yes, it’ll have a Table Pack! 🙂