A Minor Milestone

Just to keep y’all updated on the status of TableMaster II: As of this morning, it now recognizes the .table directive and allocates table headers accordingly. While that doesn’t sound like much (what, the program is only just now dealing with the first bit of its data structures?) it’s a bigger deal than it might look, because that means I must — and I do — have all of that structure established and the whole framework laid out. A lot of the real skull sweat is done, and as soon as I get table lines being similarly stored, it’s much more straightforward from here on in. Not quite just turning the grind crank, but more of a matter of filling in the blanks than what it has been, which is deciding what and where the blanks should be.

It’s been a really weird feeling, doing all of this. Sometimes it’s almost like the past 16 years didn’t even exist. It’s weird, but it sure is fun.