The Wintertree RPG

Wintertree has a RPG!

No, you can’t play it.

Okay, let me explain: For many tables, it’s been necessary to refer to game stats of some sort, spells, effects, and so on. Given that I want the results to be usable with whatever game the user is running, and I don’t want to get sued by one of the more litigious companies (this was a particularly big hazard 20 years ago when some of them were first written) I’ve always just made something up as  I went along. Whatever stats a given table referred to might not be the same as what I made up for a different one the next time I was writing one.

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Scarab Report

It’s been a long four days. Scarab was only an hour away, so we commuted, and that takes a lot out of you. When you’ve got a car that gets nearly 40 mpg, though, it really saves on expenses, and I’m sure Caesar, being a cat, appreciated having his humans home to amuse him on request.

Congratulations to Dennis Burgess, who won the Wintertree T-shirt drawing.

Here’s a picture of the booth. It’s not a great picture because it’s just the camera on my iPod Touch; I kept forgetting to take a better camera. Then again, back in the day I used to use a Polaroid; this is definitely an improvement.

Scarab 2017 booth
Wintertree booth at Scarab 2017

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New Year’s News

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m home, after nearly two weeks in Maine and a trip that included late flights, cancelled flights, an 11-hour bus trip, and other insanity — and that was just the trip up there! Things are running a bit slow here at the moment because I’m the executor of my aunt’s estate, and things are a little less straightforward than I could have hoped. However, Wintertree will be at Scarab as expected; thankfully, for once I built some flexibility into the schedule this time (somewhat forced by having to get all those demo discs to the stuffers-of-VIP-bags before Christmas)

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Tweak to the TableMaster demo

I’ve been assiduously working away on the Macintosh port, despite distractions like providing a home for uncounted billions of common cold viruses. One of those distractions involved the Power Failure Emergency Kit, and specifically writing some tables to go with it. (just putting some dice in a bag doesn’t amount to much of a distraction!) Since as many of them as possible had to work with the free TableMaster demo, I got thinking more about the demo than I did when I put it together.

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State of the Port

I’m sure there are people interested in the Macintosh port of TableMaster aside from those in the backers’ forums, so while I’m recovering from a head cold and a major overdose of turkey (and stuffing, and glazed carrots, and scalloped potatoes, and those tasty, tasty little onions) here’s something of an update. (and a user-written table)

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The Thanksgiving Table

There are innumerable things for all of us to give thanks for.  Most of mine are personal, but there’s one very important business-related one: I am very, very thankful for all of you who believed in the return of TableMaster even when I was kind of unsure about it myself. Thanks to all of you, I am once again doing what I really love after all of these years. And for that, I am very, very thankful.

Of course, I can’t just write Thanksgiving wishes; there has to be a table. So before I sat down to my Thanksgiving table, I wrote one. This will run with the TableMaster demo version as well as the full one. It’s here: the Thanksgiving Table.

Thank you, all of you. (including non-Americans; just shift the thankfulness to the correct day for your holiday schedule)


I can’t work. I can barely function. Sorry about that, but I am a human being, as much as I try to present my company-self as neutral in all things and separate from anything but writing software. I am a human being, and an American, and the events of this week have affected me badly. You really do not want what I might do to the code this week. I don’t want to debug what I might do to the code this week, and it would waste all of next week, too, fixing it.

I’m not going to use this blog for a political rant — this is about TableMaster, not about what TableMaster’s author thinks about politics, or about art or music or anything else for that matter. I can keep up the public impartiality that far. But right now, I can’t write code — especially cross-platform code.

If I worked for someone else, I’d be using my personal days right now. As it is, I’m going to take this week off from Wintertree and quit trying to force myself to get any productive work done, because I’ve been trying and it’s just not happening. Everything will be back on track next week, just a bit behind schedule.

And as a person, as Jean, not Wintertree Software, I will add this:

Everyone, be kind to one another. Even people you disagree with. Especially people you disagree with. We have seen what divisiveness and hatred can do; let us not embrace it ourselves and thereby prove it is right.

Egyptian Tombs

Today in 1922, Howard Carter opened the only (mostly) intact tomb in Egypt’s Valley of Kings, the burial place of the now-famous Tutankhamun. What he found awed him. It has been having a similar effect on other people ever since.

I have something of an obsession with ancient Egypt. Between printed and video material, I could fill a decent-sized bookshelf; I can hardly wait for the “Path of Osiris” dungeon tiles I backed on Kickstarter to arrive; and those of you who remember the old Arcane Alphabets fonts will remember that they included what I believe is the only hieroglyphic font that allowed short characters to be stacked properly. Yeah, definitely an obsession.

So when I started revising the Table Packs, I looked at the original tombs table, which produced little mini-dungeons, and realized that could be converted to an Egyptian-specific one rather easily. That would be quick, no? Well … no. By the time I got done with it, the Egyptian Tombs table described everything from who was buried there to the decorations on the walls. It’s become one of my favorite tables.

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