Sex, pluralism, and TableMaster

If you were expecting something either salacious or political here, sorry, it’s just about system variables and output formatting codes. I’ve spent the past few days adding more output formatting codes in order to get them into the manual before it goes to the printers. While I was at it, I added a new sort of system variable, too, to help with pronouns.

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One more new command

When I started this project, I was firmly convinced that the original TBL was fully mature and I wouldn’t need to add anything to it. After all, I’d worked on the original for seven years; it already did everything anyone would need, right?

That was before .SQUARE, .SQUAREROOT, .CUBE, .DEFAULT (with four sub-commands), .BLANKLINE, and now .HR, plus all the output formatting codes and the force-linefeed code. Plus {$Pi} in the SysVars. Okay, I’ll stop now, really!

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Pyromaniac simians and what this has to do with TableMaster for the Mac

One of the significant things for TableMaster II is the OS X version. Formerly, I believed this was going to be a very simple thing — just buy the Delphi upgrade, select the proper target platform, and compile. Well … it’s not.

The basic issue is that there are two Delphi frameworks — VCL (Visual Component Library), the original, and FireMonkey, the new one. It was not apparent to me when I started TableMaster II development that only one of those, namely FireMonkey, was cross-platform; since I’d always used VCL, I just kept right on using it.

…and came a cropper.

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News and updates

I’ve had some sleep now. Time to get back to nattering on about TableMaster, and the current status; this is, after all, supposed to be the primary news source, and I’ve been slacking.

First, the big news is that the official release date for TableMaster has been announced: It will be out on Saturday, July 23, at MegaMooseCon in Richberg, SC. Pre-ordered copies will ship out on the following Monday, July 25.

Aside from that, Free RPG Day was cool, there’s a demo version of the TableMaster UI, a new Kickstarter reward … oh, and the new Table Pack is going to be Zombies! Read on.

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