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Free hex paper!

Well, you have to print it yourself. InstaHex is one of the fonts from the old Mapographer pack. This version of it is essentially identical to the original except for being rebuilt for modern computers. Since the future version of it will be considerably expanded to include things like dotted-line hexes and other features, this verison is free for non-commercial use.

The quick usage guide: Capital letters produce hex patterns without borders, lower-case letters include borders. abbbc/efffg/ijjjk is the basic layout of a hex page (with the b, f, and j repeated as many times as needed, of course). Additionally, d, h, and l are hex edges to fill out the right side, if needed. The nubers provide compass roses, 1-5 taking up space normally and 6-0 being copies with a width of zero so you can overlay them on other things (like your new hex paper). As it did in the past, the real thing (when available) will come with a complete explanation and examples.

Download instahex.ttf.