Welcome to Wintertree Redux

Classic gaming has entered a revival. More gamers have computers than ever before, and take them to their games — or run those games entirely on the computer. And players have even less spare time than they ever did. So TableMaster, the original Spare Time Generator, is still in demand.

After 16 years, TableMaster is back! The Kickstarter backers now have the full program, as do the lucky winners from MegaMooseCon, and it will be available to the general public next week.

In addition to TableMaster II itself, there will also be new table packs (the first one: ZOMBIES!), new freebies, new online goodies, even an overhaul of the old font packs and some new fonts. Check the downloads page for currently available items, and the blog for Gamemaster's Hoard posts, which are TableMaster output.